Are you a food lover or a newly shifted person who needs help knowing where to get the best food in Singapore? Do not worry. 3 Meals A Day Singapore offers the best quality food on a low budget. The dishes served at the restaurant are unique in taste and odour. 3 day a meal is popular among many Singaporean restaurants because of its attentive staff, impressive dining experience, cozy ambience and warm hospitality.

Additionally, if you are a visitor and want to explore the best food in Singapore, take a chance to taste the delicious meal at 3 Meals A Day. You can order the salted egg chicken rice meal, one of the famous three meals a day 2024. After eating this particular meal, you will be thankful for recommending it to you. So, take advantage of the opportunity to explore the Singaporean meal.

Why Is 3 Meals A Day Popular Among Singaporean Foodies?`

Following features make 3 meals a day restaurant the best choice for customers:

At Three Meals A Day Singapore, you can order famous dishes like cereal pork ribs and salted egg chicken rice. Moreover, the menu is comforting for many Singaporeans because the taste of their dishes is quite similar to that of house-cooked meals. Also, the dish variation keeps things interesting for customers and compels them to come 3 meals day repeatedly.

A favourable factor for 3 meals a day Korea is limited online information about their menu list and locations. With the scarcity of online information, 3.meals a day has become a hidden gem for food lovers to explore. Furthermore, three meals Singapore fuels the fire for diners who enjoy the thrill and a desire to delve into the unique flavours of Singapore.

You want to eat good quality food, but you need a reasonable budget in the wallet in order to eat at expensive restaurants. Just relax! The only solution is a 3 ‘meals a day. As our restaurant offers top-quality meals at affordable prices, it makes 3 the first choice of every budget-conscious food lover. 

After spending hard-earned money on a meal, taste is the only thing customers want from the restaurant. Three meals a day restaurant offers delicious and mouth-watering dishes like salted egg chicken rice. Moreover, positive reviews of people towards 3 meals a day Korean restaurant give an idea about the savour and deliciousness of dishes. 

What are some popular dishes at three meals a day sg?

Following are the popular dishes at 3 Meal A Day Singapore:

Due to its unique flavours and ingredients, Hainanese chicken rice is a memorable dish. Early immigrants from Hainan province cook chicken rice for the first time. To cook Hainanese rice, seasoned rice and poached chicken should be available. At 3 meal day menu, the dish is served with cucumber garnishes and chilli sauce. Each dish serving contains 670 kilo calories of energy, enough for an individual.

Laksa is a dish of maritime southeast Asia of Peranakan origin. A lot of different methods and ingredients are known today to cook laksa in various regions. Moreover, it is a ubiquitous spicy noodle dish with a grainy texture served at three meals.a day. The main ingredients include noodles, herbs, coconut, tamarind and spicy rice. That is why laksa is full of nutrients; you can order it whenever you feel low at three meals a day..

Various chilli crab is usually served in Singapore and Malaysian restaurants. Ketam balado is the earliest known version of chilli crab originating from Indonesia. The chilli crab version known today was created in 1960 by Hooi Koh Wah. Primarily, most cooks use mud crabs to cook the dish. To get a unique taste, fry these crabs with stuffy, sweet tomato and chilli sauce. Meals a day Singapore serves chilli crab with steamed mantou buns.

Kaya Toast is a famous 3meals a day breakfast dish. It consists of two slices of toast. Three meal a day serves the yummy dish with kaya and butter alongside boiled eggs or coffee. The average glycemic index of kaya toast is 49 on the scale, which is suitable for those who want to lose weight as the dish offers just 46 grams of carbohydrates. Additionally, it is a must-try dish for you if you are a gymmer, athlete or weightlifter.

Nasi Lemak is a native meal of regions such as Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia. Cook fragrant rice in pandan leaf and coconut milk to prepare the dish. Cucumber, anchovies, chicken cutlets, eggs, otah and sambal are served alongside nasi lemak at 3 Meal A Day. Furthermore, the coconut milk-infused rice contains saturated fat that is not good for diabetic patients. So, diabetic patients should avoid the dish as it can cause serious complications.

Firstly, marinate the tender ribs in garlic, soy sauce and creamy salted egg yolk. After marination, it is deep-fried to create a deep brown crispy crust. The dish is irresistible, savoury and salty. Additionally, the sweetness of soy sauce and aromatic garlic, when combined with the salty flavour of the dish, offers a unique taste. So why are you waiting for? Order three meals a day salted egg right now to enjoy a tasty meal with your loved ones.

Can I get a reservation for 3 Meals A Day?

No, three meals a day reservation is not available because of the following reasons:

  • To improve the efficiency of the restaurant and to create a fast-paced environment.
  • To maintain a fair atmosphere among customers because making reservations creates favouritism that many clients do not like.
  • To make a regular flow of customers the whole week because multiple people used to make reservations on weekends or special occasions.

3 Meals A Day Reviews

3 Meals a Day
Based on 1126 reviews
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13:36 30 Apr 24
Tried the Salted Egg Chicken Rice just now. It was nice but not fantastic. Price is value for money. That's about it. The place is cramped.
Dilip KokateDilip Kokate
13:33 30 Apr 24
Jarol LaoJarol Lao
10:06 30 Apr 24
If you’ve been here before then you know what’s good. Always a pleasure to see and be greeted by the Aunty! That alone is what makes this place so special. Now let’s get to business. We are here for their very popular dish the salted egg chicken. Is really good. Deep fried chicken chunks, tossed in their salted egg sauce with some chili padi and of course the white rice and fried egg on top. Some crackers on the side as well.First time I came here I thought it was too saucy and too sweet. But the service was amazing and presentation was on point. Came back a few times and I started to notice that I didn’t mind that the it was too saucy and I didn’t mind that it was sweet. They just nail the consistency of the dish every time. So that’s what I like is always the same.It can get quite pack during the lunch hour but the aunty is always guiding you through the traffic to make sure yall get a seat and the food as fast as they can. Gotta love it.
Nitin BalwaniNitin Balwani
06:39 30 Apr 24
Signature dish is heavy because of salted egg gravy, well made though
keagan poulosekeagan poulose
04:04 30 Apr 24
Clara ShenClara Shen
10:38 18 Apr 24
Second time trying salted egg chicken here and I was still blown away. I thought the price ($7) was super value for money, given the amount of chicken was substantial!! I didn’t opt for the fried egg but I think it is pretty worth it if you do. Service is fast and efficient, and you get seated right after ordering (even if the queues are long).
Anjani DistiAnjani Disti
10:05 31 Mar 24
The most famous salted egg in town! Rumour has it you need to wait almost 2 hour just to eat here. However when I was there, I came around 11.15, got seated at 11.45 ish and get our meal served around 12. I think the queue was acceptable considering it was lunch timeAnyway, my friend and I ordered their salted egg chicken (of course) and cereal chicken. For me the salted egg sauce was too sweet. I need to add a few chili soy sauce to balance the flavor. But my friend like it, so I guess it was just preference issue. HOWEVER THE CEREAL CHICKEN WAS AMAZING! It was juicy, crispy, seasoned well, fragrant, oh so perfect! I would definitely go back for this oneSpecial shoutout to the owner who managing the queue and the customer very well. She keep checking back on us since we got there, seated and served. Little gesture that warms the heart ❤️
06:34 18 Mar 24
Finally got the chance to try this out for myself and loved the salted egg chicken!! I can totally see the hype - the sauce has just the right amount of salt, and is rich enough (but not cloying). There were also a generous amount of chicken pieces! The keropok were also very crispy!! Recommend 👍
05:28 13 Mar 24
3 Meals a Day is nothing short of a culinary love affair for me. From the moment you step through the door, you're enveloped in an atmosphere of warmth and charm that sets the perfect stage for a memorable dining experience. The food, crafted with passion and precision, is simply divine, each dish a testament to the chef's expertise and dedication to quality.But what truly sets this restaurant apart is the enthusiastic owner, whose genuine passion for food and hospitality shines through in every interaction. Whether they're recommending their favorite dishes or sharing the story behind the restaurant's concept, their enthusiasm is infectious and adds an extra layer of joy to the dining experience.Now, about the line – yes, it might appear daunting at first glance, but trust me when I say that it moves swiftly. Before you know it, you'll be seated and ready to indulge in a culinary adventure like no other. So don't let the wait discourage you; 3 Meals a Day is absolutely worth every moment of anticipation. So go ahead, embrace the hype, and treat yourself to an unforgettable meal at this culinary gem.
BH GohBH Goh
08:58 09 Feb 24
Walked past the shop while shopping in Sim Lim. Seeing that it seems to be rather popular so popped in to try their popular salted egg chicken rice. Plate costs $7+ and comes with a sunny side up egg and some crackers. Ordered also a cup of lemongrass lemon drink.The salted egg sauce is very nice. The chicken is well fried and tasty. The drink is refreshing.Price might be a bit high but will come back and try other dishes.

3 Meals A Day Restaurant Photos

Before visiting the restaurant, browse three meals a day photos on social media which excites the customers to experience the Korean menu at lively dining atmosphere. 3 meals a day photos are given below:

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

3 Meals A Day Menu is not a halal-certified restaurant in Singapore because it serves pork strictly prohibited in Islam. But it also offers halal meal as well so it is not clear that three meals a day singapore halal or not. That is why it must not be a restaurant of choice for the Muslims.

A diverse range of meals awaits you at home 3 meals a day. Also, the menu includes Asian fusion cuisine, International cuisine, comfort food classics, healthy options, and vegetarian and vegan choices.

Yes, the 3meals allows you to select a variety of meals, including carrot cake, nasi lemak, oatmeal, yoghurt with granola and berries.

Hello food lovers, 3 meals welcome your feedback! Do not hesitate to contact 3 meals.a day customer service or leave a review directly on the website or through the link in your delivery confirmation email.

Customers can order laksa, char kway teow and chilli crab for dinner or lunch. 3 meals day Singapore allows you to order the favourite meal according to your interests and budget.

Besides traditional Satay, there are vegan options on the 3 Days A Meal. Also, tofu or tempeh served with peanut sauce is the best meal for vegetarians.

The restaurant is not Halal-certified but it also offers dishes that are prepared according to halal guidelines. So 3 Meals A Day Singapore Halal meals allow Muslims to eat there favourite menu at affordable price.

Final Thoughts